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Novembre 2011

 EAMBES NEWS – November 2011

EAMBES branded event at the parliament!
On March 27th, 2012 the Member of the European Parliament Thomas Ulmer will host an Expert Policy Workshop organized with the collaboration of EAMBES. This will be a great opportunity for the Alliance to increase the European Union’s support to BME.
Read the full article: http://www.eambes.org/news/eambes-event-parliament

EAMBES contributes to the seminar “Medical Technologies – Solutions to the grand societal challenge of healthy ageing”. 
A follow-on meeting to the Munich Round Table on Medical Technology was organized in Brussels on November 24th, 2011 by the Capital Region of Denmark (creoDK), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Danish Research Office (DANRO) and EAMBES, with the aim of increasing research support for our field.
Read the full article: http://www.eambes.org/news/seminar_med_tech_solutions_Brussels_Nov_24_11

Horizon 2020 is now public!
On November 30th the European Commission published the proposal package for the for next EU Framework: Horizon 2020.
Read the full article: http://www.eambes.org/news/horizon-2020

A short interview with the Councillor for External Relationships: Prof. Christopher James
On the occasion of the last General Council election, the representative of IEEE EMBS Europe Christopher James, was nominated Councillor for External Relationships of the Alliance. In the next lines we will try to discover something more about his background, his ideas and goals for the future.
Read the full article: http://www.eambes.org/news/cjames

Re-cast of the Medical Devices Directives
Latest information on the current status of the revised directives indicate that the draft proposal is likely to be available for consideration by the European Parliament and a working party of member states in the second quarter of 2012. A primary objective of the initiative is to provide a simple and easily-understandable regulatory environment for medical devices. One issue that has been highlighted during the initial consultation period is the challenge posed by new and emerging technologies and a shortage of  essential expertise. EAMBES welcomes the views of members with a specific interest in regulatory issues. If you wish to contribute, please contact the EAMBES Manager (manager@eambes.org)

2012 General Council elections
The call for candidates closed on October 31st, 2011 even though late nominations may still be considered. If you wish to propose a candidature, please contact the EAMBES Manager (manager@eambes.org). The list of candidates will be finalized at the end of January.

This is an updated calendar  of major events organised within the Biomedical Engineering Community in Europe: http://www.eambes.org/events.
Please provide us with details of your major events, if you would like these to be included in our listings.

When do we meet next?
The next General Council meeting of EAMBES will be held as a conference call (a new experiment) on December 14th, 2 to 4 PM CET.
View full details: http://www.eambes.org/events/eambes-GC-Dec-14-11

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