Worshop de l’ESMOFIR sur l’imagerie de diffusion en IRM

Un workshop de l’ESMOFIR  sur la l’IMAGERIE DE DIFFUSION, est organisé en pré-congrés de l’EMIM 2015 (http://www.e-smi.eu/index.php?id=2575  ).

De la théorie de la mesure de la diffusion en IRM jusqu’aux applications cliniques les plus avancées.
17 mars 2015 – Tuebingen – 
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ESMOFIR Workshop 2015
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On behalf of the European Society of Molecular and Functional Imaging in Radiology, Prof. Olivier Clément, Prof. Fabian Kiessling and Prof. Konstantin Nikolaou (Workshop Organisers), it is a pleasure to cordially invite you participate at the ESMOFIR Workshop 2015 – Diffusion 2.0, to be held in Tuebingen, Germany, on March 17, 2015.

One day before the European Molecular Imaging Meeting – EMIM 2015, the ESMOFIR workshop focuses on enhancing the theoretical knowledge and the practical and clinical know how of advanced diffusion-weighted imaging techniques in magnetic resonance imaging. The course will be composed of theoretical sessions on advanced diffusion-weighted imaging techniques, followed by sessions on clinical applications in oncology (whole body, lymph node, breast, prostate), neurology, and cardiac imaging. A round table discussion on validation of diffusion-weighted imaging as an imaging biomarker for clinical trials will conclude the event. The idea is to promote recommendations in terms of technical requirements and post-processing methods for a better harmonisation among centres in Europe so to be able to compare data in large cohorts of patients in the future.

Workshop Registration

Register today and benefit from reduced registration fees! The competitive early registration fees are available until February 16, 2015. Places are limited, we recommend early registration! 

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Workshop Programme

TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015 | 10:30-19:15

  O. Clément, Paris/FR
Session 1: Basics of diffusion & evolution of diffusion
 10:45-11:30 Basics of diffusion
  F. Schick, Tuebingen/DE
11:30-12:15 Evolution of diffusion
  M. Notohamiprodjo, Tuebingen/DE
(Lunch) Symposium
13:15-14:45 Session 2: Clinical applications
  D. Ducreux, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre/FR
13:45-14:15 Cardiac 
  J.F. Deux, Créteil/FR
14:15-14:45 Whole body and kurtosis imaging 
  A. Boss, Zurich/CH


15:15-16:45 Session 3: Clinical applications
15:15-15:45 Lymph node imaging  
  J. Froehlich, Zurich/CH
  T. Helbich, Vienna/AT
16:15-16:45 DWI in prostate cancer diagnosis 
  H.-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE


17:15-18:45 Session 4 : Biomarkers
Diffusion as an imaging biomarker
  L. Fournier, Paris/FR
European Imaging Biomarker Alliance / Standardisation of biomarkers
  H.U. Kauczor, Heidelberg/DE


Round Table Discussion
Please visit the ESMOFIR website for further information.

Workshop Venue

Kupferbau Tuebingen
Hoelderlinstraße 5
72074 Tuebingen

On behalf of ESMOFIR, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our workshop in Tuebingen on March 17, 2015! 

In case of questions, please contact the ESMOFIR Office for further support.

Yours sincerely,

european society of molecular and functional imaging in radiology
Neutorgasse 9/2, 1010 Vienna, Austria