Open Conference “Wearable Comfortable Sensors for Long-Term Monitoring”

WASTCArD Open Conference at INSA-Lyon
25-26 October 2016

Key Technologies associated with

Wearable Comfortable Sensors for Long-Term Monitoring

The Open Conference will cover two key aspects of wearable long term monitoring of  patients; ECG monitoring and BioImpedance measurement.

Lectures and demonstrations will be given by leading specialists in the fields. The basics of the techniques involved will be covered and the state of the arts presented. These will then be followed by demonstrations and practical sessions.

The target audience includes industrial personnel working in the area, young scientists embarking on related research, administrators keen to more fully understand the challenges and potential of these areas, etc.

Program at a glance:

  • Day 1 (25 Oct) – Bioimpedance monitoring
    • Morning: Bioimpedance fundamentals, Wearable Applications, some present/future  devices
    • Afternoon: Demonstration of some commercial equipment, Practical training in bioimpedance measurement
  • Day 2 (26 Oct) – Electrocardiography
    • Morning: Electrical activity of the heart, Principles of ECG measurement, Monitoring applications, Current werable devices for long term monitoring
    • Afternoon: Practical training in ECG measurement, Demonstration of wearable systems for ECG/HR measurement.


  • € 100 per day including lunch and refreshments
  • € 150 for the two days

Hotels can be arranged

Venue: INL Living Laboratory, 21 INSA de Lyon, Bât. Léonard de Vinci, 20 avenue Albert Einstein, 69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, France


Event co-funded by the European Union, Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), RISE.